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T4 Menu Redesign

T4 Menu_redesigned_2021.png

Redesigning the menu of T4, a boba milk tea franchise. This specific menu was used at the Davis, California location.

The Problem

The original menu (image to right) is organized at first glance, but there are a few problems. It does not leave room for future releases of new drinks or snacks, and the use of different colors are distracting. The typeface chosen for the Chinese characters make those parts of the menu illegible.

The Solution!

The new menu will have a refreshing feeling when customers look at it. The whole menu will have a color scheme to make it more aesthetically pleasing. Text will be more legible and overall layout will create more room for future additions. 

t4 menu_updated dec 2019.png
Color Scheme

The first step I took was to create a color scheme for the new menu. I wanted it to still be playful and eye-catching but with only a few colors. I stuck with the teal color of the original logo to let customers know that it is still a t4 menu and chose a golden yellow for the contrast. The light red was used for small accents throughout the menu.

Mascot or not?

The next step I took was whether or not to create a mascot. The mascot would be easily recognized by customers and possibly promote more business. My first idea was of a Formosan black bear, the most representative wildlife of Taiwan. Since boba originated from Taiwan, I thought this would make a playful connection, but not many people knew about this. My other idea was to just create a graphic illustration of a girl in the T4 uniform with a drink in front of her.  

In the end, I chose not to have a mascot as it can cause confusion to customers, and it also cluttered the menu's layout.


Drafts leading up to final

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