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Draw the Line Message Campaign

Draw the Line is a message campaign that focuses on sexual harassment in the work place. This project aimed to educate and provide for information for workers in need as well as those in the incoming workforce.

Why Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment in the workplace happens more often than it is noticed. Any sort of action that makes you feel uncomfortable is considered as a sort of harassment. Many people do not know that and the situation persists until it cannot be fixed. My group and I wanted to educate as much people as we can with our proposal and mini campaign on this topic.

In this project, we aimed for an simple yet professional graphic identity. We worked towards a simple logo that is welcoming yet is taken seriously. We provided information and data from our research. We also looked at other work place sexual harassment awareness programs and campaigns as well as UC Davis's Harassment & Discrimination Assistance and Prevention Program. Our project aims to educate and provide the information and help for everyone currently working or is about to enter the workforce.


Throughout this project, I was in charge of the research and information that are in the proposal and process manual. I did the layout design and compiled the information and graphics shared from my teammates into the books. I was in charge of designing and ordering the materials for the marketing items such as the t-shirts, pens and notebooks. I also assisted and critiqued my teammates work when they needed it.



Process Manual

Check out the books on issuu!

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