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Humz Packaging Redesign

Hummus and flat pretzels are a popular go-to snack for those who have a busy schedule, such as myself!

The Problem

The packaging for existing products for this snack is unsustainable. There is an excessive amount of materials used. The container is often thrown in the trash instead of being recycled. 

The Solution!

The packaging is made with sustainable materials, such as a compostable plastic film and 100 lb. recycled wax cardboard. The packaging is designed to keep the moisture in the hummus and keep the flat pretzels dry.

Graphic Standard

With a simple layout design, my ideas and designs of how the logo for HUMZ came together in this 11" by 8.5" booklet. After an exploration of typefaces and colors, the most appropriate ones were chosen to represent this new identity! 

Process Manual

The project was documented from start to finish with physical drafts and digital drafts. This process manual includes everything from the research, the logo, and the final packaging. It also includes my reasoning and thoughts on how the brand was finalized.

Graphic Standard

Process Manual

Check out the books on issuu!

Process Sketches

Logo Brainstorming

Graphic Standard Layouts

Business System

Package Design

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