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Motion Graphics

Food Waste Awareness

This motion graphic was created to promote sustainability through food waste awareness. Each food waste illustration was drawn with playfulness and simplicity kept in mind. The kinetic typography video uses upbeat music and quick animations to keep the audience's mind active and constantly reading. 

Animation Practice

This project was made based on the type of animation I wanted to learn and practice with. The kinetic type animation I chose to practice with is creating swinging text, The original animation was created by Jonas Lindman at Naive.
Link to original title sequence: Click here (0:47-0:57)

HUMZ Website Browsing

This project was to create a website in motion. I chose to create a motion graphic with the graphic identity, HUMZ, that I designed. As the pretzel cursor moves around the website, different animations were used to mimic how an actual webpage would react. For example, some images would fade in/out as they change and hovering over the navigation bar would show you which page the cursor is about to click.

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