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Davis Pathfinder

Davis Pathfinder is a redesign of a potential signage system for the Davis Bike Loop. I worked with my partner to create a new graphic identity that would stand out and is unique in its playfulness.

The Problem

My partner and I felt that the original logo was not eye catching, and we wanted to design something bigger and better. Designing a new signage system for the Davis Bike Loop involves a lot of researching. This includes understanding the existing conditions of the bike path, the residents of Davis, the placement of signs on the road and vocabulary of signs.


We explored several different designs to see what type of signs would fit within the Davis environment. We had to consider the existing signs and posts at our assigned area. This helped eliminate a lot of our signs and left us with signs that are attached to existing poles. We designed the size and height placement of our signs to be perfect for pedestrians and bicyclists. 

Our Solution

We wanted something that would stand out and playful at the same time. Hours of researching was spent to understand our audience and environment. In the end, we created a graphic identity we were proud of! We designed a rotated rounded triangle with "Davis Pathfinder" and thick slashes that represent a crosswalk. This logo had colors that highlights both the natural and urban environments of Davis. They playfulness provides a comforting feeling to our audience.

In-Use Photos

Process Sketches

Check out the entire poster here!

My Partner and I

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